Your Scrapbooking Supply Collection

31 Aug

SuppliesCreating heirloom scrapbooks isn’t just a craft, it’s an important tradition that can link generations through photographs and storytelling. Collecting scrapbooking supplies is a hobby unto itself. If you or someone you know collects supplies, you know it can be just as fun! As long as you realize that’s what you’re doing. Unused scrapbooking supplies can take up a lot of space, so if you’re a collector, be aware that you are—make that decision. (And if you don’t consider yourself a collector and want to deplete your supplies, use the ideas below or consider donating them to an organization that works with kids.) Though I haven’t done it in awhile, I enjoy tole painting. I get just as much of a kick out of collecting patterns as I do painting! I totally get that—the fun of collecting itself.

When I plan a scrapbook album, I do purchase (actually, just take out of my inventory) only the supplies I intend to use for that album. Here are some ideas for using your paper and stickers from your collection (if they’re not destined for an album) or for leftover supplies from an album project:

  1. Greeting cards. When I don’t have the right card on hand or time to get one, I always have beautiful paper and stickers at my fingertips! It’s very quick to put a card together when you have supplies. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece; I can use my trimmer, tape runner, and pens to turn my leftovers into a handmade card in nearly no time!
  2. Wrapping paper and gift tags. Yes, I’ve been known to wrap small gifts in photosafe paper in a pinch. Why not use leftover paper for something rather than have it sit in a folder?
  3. Origami. There are patterns in bookstores and on the Internet for decorations, small paper boxes, and more.
  4. Placecards and nametags. Your guests will feel extra special that you’ve made these just for them.
  5. Paper crafts like snowflakes and paper dress-up dolls. Anything you can make with plain ol’ paper can be made more elegant with your scrapbooking leftovers!

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One Response to “Your Scrapbooking Supply Collection”

  1. jacki Raymond September 1, 2009 at 9:41 pm #

    Great ideas!

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