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Camera Set to the Wrong Date or Time?

18 Sep

For the past few days, I have been organizing and editing photos and memorabilia for a digital StoryBook of our summer family vacation. All of our jpegs came from 3 different cameras, 1 camera phone, and memorabilia scanned after our return. Having been through this before, I had reminded everyone at the beginning of our trip to “synchronize our cameras” so that everything would automatically sort just so in Memory Manager.

I had to set the date and time for each piece of scanned memorabilia of course, but as I was going through the photos I realized that one camera was set to AM when it should have been PM, and another didn’t get changed mid-trip when we crossed time zone boundaries. With nearly 1000 photos, I did not want to go through them individually to correct them.

I do hope that someday Memory Manager has a feature to change the “offset” of the time it thinks a group of photos was taken, but I wanted to find something that would help me today (Memory Manager does let you set a group of photos to the same date and time right now, but not to a particular difference from the time currently stored in each photo). I did a quick search on the net and found a quick-and-dirty free utility called jhead (for the fact that it edits jpeg headers). You have to be either technical or of-a-certain-computer-user-age to use this program–because it runs from the old-fashioned command prompt, youngsters aren’t likely to want to try it. And, of course, neither I nor Creative Memories claim any responsibility for the program; someone brilliant with no affiliation wrote it.

But if you need to be saved like I needed to be today, it might be worth a look!

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