Completion of a Traditional Scrapbook, Part 2: Order What You Need

3 Jan

Project SuppliesIn the first step of creating a traditional scrapbook, you made some decisions. The next step is ordering what you want to use but don’t have yet. For many of us, that will include ordering the coverset, pages, protectors, and decorative supplies we decided on. Luckily enough, what I want to use (shown here) was all in my inventory, so I just pulled it out for myself.

I did need to order prints of my photos, though. I opened up Memory Manager and chose to view the photos taken in 2008, went through to choose which ones I wanted to print, and edited red-eye out of a few of them that I hadn’t gotten to yet. This was really fun! One of the reasons I do this is that it is so enjoyable to look through memories! (Another thought that occurred to me is that I’m glad I have a better camera now than I did then. ;-) After that, I uploaded them to the Creative Memories Digital Center and ordered prints. (Uploading took the most time, but I didn’t need to sit at my computer — I got other things done while that was happening.)

If you are following along, do you have all your pictures printed that you want to have for this album? Do you have the supplies you want? If not, order them now! We’ll have a few days before I expect my prints in the mail (I’m not on a gift-giving deadline with this album), and the next step will involve something I can accomplish while I wait for them.

ETA: One more thing you might want to order at this time if you don’t have one is the Power Layouts Kit. I use it every time I complete a traditional scrapbook!

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