Completion of a Traditional Scrapbook, Part 3: Sort

10 Jan

Photos and Memorabilia All SortedMy photos arrived a few days ago, and I have been a busy gal getting some other projects accomplished. Today though, I had some time to direct to my 2008 family scrapbook project. Now that I had my photo prints and my memorabilia, I set out to get them in the proper order. Some of you may notice in the photo that I’m using some older Creative Memories products to do this; there are similar newer versions available now.

I like to get my photos sorted first (though if I’d had the time while waiting for the prints to arrive, I would have started with the memorabilia). It’s usually very quick and easy, because the CM Digital Center prints photos in the order you put them in the online shopping cart. The Power Sort Box comes with dividers, which I label with regular pencil (easily erased for use on future projects — but be sure to use our Photo Labeling Pencil on the back of actual photos). Because this is an album for my 2008 family photos, I decided to label the dividers one for each month. If I were making a vacation album, I might divide the photos by day of the trip, or by city if we had visited several on a road trip. Anything I might consider “chapters” in my “book.” I like to sort the pictures into the space in front of  the divider they belong with, because it makes the divider tab easier to read. Sorting my photos for 2008 went very quickly.

Then I began to sort my memorabilia. This was not so quick, because I have been lazy for the past three years with the mementos I have collected! I’ve thrown tickets, programs, invitations, etc., into a box to look through later. One of these days I hope I learn my lesson and just sort the memorabilia as I collect it. At any rate, though it took longer, it was still easily managed and is now finished (along with that from 2009 and 2010)! I labeled my memorabilia folders using regular pencil as well.

Here is why I usually try to sort my photos first: while I’m sorting my memorabilia, I add a little asterisk to the label of the dividers my photos are sorted in for each section for which I have memorabilia. That way, while I’m laying out pages, when I come to a new section in my photos, I have a visual cue to tell me I need to look for the memorabilia that goes with them. It can be difficult to make room for the memorabilia after the pages are finished!

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