Completion of a Traditional Scrapbook, Part 4: Crop Your Photos

11 Jan

Cropping SessionI guess you could call my scrapbooking style “simply decorative.” If that’s not your style, you may actually want to incorporate this next step in our album-making  — cropping your photos* — in with the step where pages are laid out (especially if you prefer to recreate page layouts from idea books). I like to crop my photos ahead of time for a few reasons:

  1. If I crop before laying out pages, doing so takes up very little space. Today I set up a couple of TV trays and got it done in bits between today’s appointments. (The Power Layouts step coming soon takes up as much table space as can be spared — so having my photos “pre-cropped” also gets the table cleared again for my family as soon as possible.)
  2. I like to crop to the picture. If there are distracting backgrounds that I can eliminate, I do that. If the subject of the photo is round, I’ll trim the photo in a circle. This serves my style, but doesn’t always work with layouts where you need the photos to be a certain size or shape.

I typically don’t use all the tools in my scrapbooking arsenal for a single album. For trimming my photos, I used my Personal Trimmer (my very favorite traditional scrapbooking tool) and my Custom Cutting System. With the Custom Cutting System, I only used the Circle and Oval Patterns — the “fancier” shapes I tend to use with paper more than with photos. I did toss a few more photographs that I decided were either not good enough for the album, or that were nearly the same as some others.

I’m just about ready to start putting it all together! If I have time tomorrow, there are just a couple more time-savers that I will try to get out of the way before laying out my pages — because they’ll make designing those pages that much quicker!

*Make sure you don’t crop Polaroids!

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