Completion of a Traditional Scrapbook, Part 5: Familiarize

12 Jan

This step is just a baby step it goes so fast, and if you’re not in a hurry, you really can skip it (I know that sounds funny, but the process is quicker for me when I include this): familiarize yourself with your photos and your decorative supplies. I’m pretty familiar with my photos for this album now: I chose which ones I wanted printed, I sorted them, and now I’ve cropped them. Today I opened up the packages for my decorative supplies and got to know them — SO much fun! I am loving the Reminisce designs; they remind me of CM’s retired Vintage designs that I loved so much I used them in 5 albums!

Decorative Supplies

I opened all the packages up, and checked out all the designs and word art. I stored it all in my Power Palette Case so that I can get to it easily. You can also see in the photo that I cut out one part of the packaging to keep — the small representative pictures of the paper designs. It makes it easy for me to reference while I’m choosing paper.

I like the next step, Power Layouts, to go as quickly as possible because it takes up the most space — so this is also the time I think about those photos I am celebrating, and consider cutting out paper shapes with the Creative Cuts System or any of my CM cartridges for my Cricut machine. If I decide I want to have those shapes, I will cut them now. Again, my style is “simply decorative,” so I personally tend not to do much of that — perhaps three or four for the whole album. Feel free to do much more if you like!

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