Consider Photographing Your Memorabilia

28 Oct
Photo of Ferry Ticket

This ticket was photographed instead of scanned.

I have been making digital CM StoryBooks for my family since their introduction in 2006*. This week I’ve been working on our summer vacation album, with the recently-introduced Custom Album Pages in mind to try something new. In the past, I have scanned lots of memorabilia (my daughter is a pro at collecting memorabilia!) to include in my digital albums. It takes a lot of time to scan memorabilia if you’ve got a collection! And when I scan tickets, brochures, etc., the image ends up looking more like the original item’s artwork than the item itself. If what I want to include with my memories is the information, like the actual print on a map or an agenda, a scan might be ideal. But what if I want the image to be more like what I held in my hand—a ticket, a note, a candy bar wrapper?

Well, one of the bits of memorabilia from this summer’s trip was a ferry ticket. It’s not an especially unusual item, but what was different about it was that we had to turn it in when we got off the ferry at our original destination; it was kind of a day-pass. So before we disembarked for the last time that day, I quickly set it on a flat surface and photographed it. It wasn’t itself particularly flat anymore, having traveled around in my purse most of the day.

When we arrived back home, I scanned the memorabilia I had been able to keep, and those images and our pictures waited for me to create my StoryBook Creator project. When I got to the page where I wanted to include the ferry ticket, I used the Wand cutting tool to erase the area around the ticket, and I added a heavy shadow. And you know what? I like it better than a lot of my scans. Not to mention the fact that it took very little time to take the photograph! This happy accident may become a purposeful method for my future albums!

*Not exclusively. I love CM’s traditional scrapbooks, too!

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