Memory Manager 4’s New Home Button

30 Oct

The new Home button is customizable!

In previous versions of Memory Manager there has been a “Home” button, which when clicked, would show you every photo and video file you had in your Memory Vault. In the new version of Memory Manager, there is an “All” button that does that, and now the Home button is customizable. Here is how I take advantage of that!

When I’m not in the middle of a project, I have my Home button set to show the same view as the All button. But when I’m in the middle of a project—especially a big one—the ability to change what it shows me is so helpful! I like to work on one manageable group of pictures at a time in my digital StoryBooks. (StoryBook Creator can create the whole book for me if I give it all the pictures at once, but this is how I make my books. Consider that my family brought home over 2000 pictures on various cameras and cell phones from our summer vacation! A little editing was in order!) In Memory Manager, the new Home button effectively acts as a bookmark for me to quickly get to where I left off!

Let me take you through the steps for a group of photos. I’ve just finished working in StoryBook Creator with the photos I had already brought over, so there is nothing left in my “Photos not used” view.

Memory Manager shows the time range beginning with the next photo I want to consider, and ending with the end of our trip.

So I head over to Memory Manager, where the default view is showing, and that view starts with the next picture to be considered for the book (because I had previously set it to do that). I choose photos from the next group I want to work with, editing any that need it, and drag them over to the Work Area.  I send those photos over to StoryBook Creator and clear the Work Area back in Memory Manager. Now I’m ready to tell Memory Manager where I want to start next time. Shown above is right before I cleared the Work Area: note where the yellow diamonds on the Timeline show the beginning and end of the date range I’ve been working in, and the photos I exported still in the Work Area.

Copy the date for the photo you want to start with next time.

Next, I make sure the photo I want to start with the next time I go into MM is selected, I go into its Item Properties, and copy its date/time.

Choose More… from the popup on the Timeline.

Choose the date/times by starting with that next photo, and ending with the end of your project’s end date.

On the Timeline, I choose More… and in the dialog box that appears, I choose Custom and Media Date. I paste the date that I copied into the text box, and after that date I type in “to” and whatever date/time I want to end with. The last day of our vacation was July 6, so I added “to July 6, 2102 23:59”. Click OK.

Now I see the view I want to see the next time I open Memory Manager, but I need to save that view. I just move my mouse over the Home button and hold the mouse button down for 2 seconds. I get a message that my Home view has been saved! When I’m all finished with my project, I change the Home view back to its original state by clicking the All button to see everything, then I hold the Home button down until it remembers that new view.

Memory Manager can remember where you want to go next!

© Carolyn Gordon and Cropping with Care, 2012. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Carolyn Gordon is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Carolyn Gordon and Cropping with Care with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Carolyn Gordon is an independent consultant and the opinions and content on this site are not necessarily endorsed by Creative Memories. StoryBook, StoryBook Creator, and Memory Manager are trademarks of Creative Memories.


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