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Think Before You Sync

22 Nov

Sync ArrowsiCloud. Dropbox. SkyDrive. Google Drive. Amazon Cloud Drive. These are just some of the cloud storage services available to you to sync your invaluable family photos to The Cloud: an automatic storage place that someone else is in charge of backing up and helping secure. Convenient, right? Right. But a weak password or confusion about how syncing works can make it hazardous to your photos’ safety.

When you sync files, rather than just upload a backup of your data, if a person or another syncing device deletes the files you keep in the Cloud, they will be deleted from your computer the next time you sync. And if synced files are your only backup, you are out of luck, my friend. (The Cloud shouldn’t be your only backup, either, because services change all the time. Two different sites I’ve used to upload my photos are no longer available.)

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Notes on Windows 8

13 Oct

Windows 8 Start ScreenLast week my hard drive crashed and though the data could be recovered, the boot sector could not be. (I did have a backup waiting in the wings, though. Every hard drive crashes eventually!) As long as I was going to have to do a clean install anyway, I thought, why not try out Windows 8? Here are notes from my personal experience with Windows 8 and Creative Memories scrapbooking- and business-related software. Keep in mind that I have only been using this for one week. Your experience may differ, and as of this writing Creative Memories does not support Windows 8, which is due to be released later this month. (A preview is available now at Microsoft’s website.)

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Backing Up Your SBC Files

7 Jan

3/1/2011: Tonight I received an email from a fellow CMC warning that Creative Memories does not give out the information that I had written in this article. I did receive the filepath/filename information from CM Tech Support in January 2010, and shared it so that others could back up their data to avoid tedious hours of re-work that I had to do. Since the information was freely given at the time, I hadn’t the slightest idea that Creative Memories would mind its use. However, since that now appears to be the case, I’ve taken the information down until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

3/2/2011: Edited above to clarify. Closed comments.

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