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Memory Manager 4’s New Home Button

30 Oct

The new Home button is customizable!

In previous versions of Memory Manager there has been a “Home” button, which when clicked, would show you every photo and video file you had in your Memory Vault. In the new version of Memory Manager, there is an “All” button that does that, and now the Home button is customizable. Here is how I take advantage of that!

When I’m not in the middle of a project, I have my Home button set to show the same view as the All button. But when I’m in the middle of a project—especially a big one—the ability to change what it shows me is so helpful! I like to work on one manageable group of pictures at a time in my digital StoryBooks. (StoryBook Creator can create the whole book for me if I give it all the pictures at once, but this is how I make my books. Consider that my family brought home over 2000 pictures on various cameras and cell phones from our summer vacation! A little editing was in order!) In Memory Manager, the new Home button effectively acts as a bookmark for me to quickly get to where I left off! Continue reading


Consider Photographing Your Memorabilia

28 Oct
Photo of Ferry Ticket

This ticket was photographed instead of scanned.

I have been making digital CM StoryBooks for my family since their introduction in 2006*. This week I’ve been working on our summer vacation album, with the recently-introduced Custom Album Pages in mind to try something new. In the past, I have scanned lots of memorabilia (my daughter is a pro at collecting memorabilia!) to include in my digital albums. It takes a lot of time to scan memorabilia if you’ve got a collection! And when I scan tickets, brochures, etc., the image ends up looking more like the original item’s artwork than the item itself. If what I want to include with my memories is the information, like the actual print on a map or an agenda, a scan might be ideal. But what if I want the image to be more like what I held in my hand—a ticket, a note, a candy bar wrapper? Continue reading

Notes on Windows 8

13 Oct

Windows 8 Start ScreenLast week my hard drive crashed and though the data could be recovered, the boot sector could not be. (I did have a backup waiting in the wings, though. Every hard drive crashes eventually!) As long as I was going to have to do a clean install anyway, I thought, why not try out Windows 8? Here are notes from my personal experience with Windows 8 and Creative Memories scrapbooking- and business-related software. Keep in mind that I have only been using this for one week. Your experience may differ, and as of this writing Creative Memories does not support Windows 8, which is due to be released later this month. (A preview is available now at Microsoft’s website.)

Continue reading