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Scanners. Why’d it have to be scanners?

8 Feb

Do you ever get tired of having to buy a new scanner to work with your new computer?

I’ve used personal computers for a long time. There was only one on campus when I was in high school–I think it was an Apple IIe–in the Physics classroom, and I was one of the 3 or 4 students interested in learning to program on it. The first I ever owned was a Zenith Z-181 purchased when I was in college, a 12-lb. MS-DOS machine with two, count them TWO, floppy disk drives. It was seriously called a “portable computer” back then. Well, it had a handle. My second was a Mac SE, which actually had a hard drive! My third was my first Windows machine, an HP Vectra of some iteration or other.

For every computer I’ve owned, I needed drivers for any peripherals I used, mostly printers and scanners. For my oldest machine, I needed a compatible driver for every program I’d use with a given peripheral. Mac and Windows changed that–I could use a single driver on a computer for my printer, and it would work with all the appropriate programs I’d use. Every time I’d get a new computer, though, it would almost always have a new operating system that required new drivers for any peripherals I hoped I could still use. Continue reading