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Consider Photographing Your Memorabilia

28 Oct
Photo of Ferry Ticket

This ticket was photographed instead of scanned.

I have been making digital CM StoryBooks for my family since their introduction in 2006*. This week I’ve been working on our summer vacation album, with the recently-introduced Custom Album Pages in mind to try something new. In the past, I have scanned lots of memorabilia (my daughter is a pro at collecting memorabilia!) to include in my digital albums. It takes a lot of time to scan memorabilia if you’ve got a collection! And when I scan tickets, brochures, etc., the image ends up looking more like the original item’s artwork than the item itself. If what I want to include with my memories is the information, like the actual print on a map or an agenda, a scan might be ideal. But what if I want the image to be more like what I held in my hand—a ticket, a note, a candy bar wrapper? Continue reading